Deliciously Light Low Alcohol Red


Warm and smooth to taste, ‘Deliciously Light Red’ has aromas of blackcurrant and spices. A gentle process extracts the alcohol to create a great-tasting drink with less than 0.5% alcohol. Black Tower’s great-tasting low alcohol wines enable non-drinkers to still engage in occasions where ‘wine’ is integral such as parties and social gatherings.

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Joyful moments

A reunion with friends, a pay rise, an anniversary… Joyful moments should be celebrated, and this excellent wine must not be missing. Enjoy!

Blackberry, cherry and plum. Aromas typical for a fruity full bodied red are present in this low alcohol wine.



Country of Origin / Region
European Community

Grape variety

Quality Classification
Wine based drink

medium sweet

Perfect accompaniment:

Perfect wine for the patio, ideal to enjoy after a busy day.


Steffan Haub

Wine analysis

Residual sugar
Total acidity

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